martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Versos :3


Por: Antonia Alvarado
La veo saboreando aquel veneno,
y a pesar de lo repugnante que me parece,
la tentación es inminente.
No debo comer,no puedo hacerlo...
aquello ya no parece ser suficiente para mí;
y sin embargo,
sigo colgándome de aquella cuerda floja
con la esperanza de alcanzar mi meta.
Ser como ellas...
El sabor es mi enemigo,
y también lo son todas las consecuencias que aquello conlleva.
El espejo, el espejo me ayuda a ver la realidad.
Una realidad cruda,
pero verdadera...
lo que dicen los demás,
los que me acusan de tener la mente distorsionada...
todos ellos se equivocan.
Yo no soy perfecta...
Soy demasiado imperfecta como para alguna vez llegar a serlo...
Mi estómago se queja,
una y otra vez,
por la decisión que he tomado...
me reta a continuar con agudas puntadas y malestares,
pero yo no me daré;
por vencida.
Quiero ser como ellas...
Ellos no me comprenden.
Me miran con ojos asqueados sólo por querer ser como ellas.
Como ellas...
una princesa....
quiero volver a ser tu princesa.

I'm not Hungry
Fight the hunger,
Push it back–
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
I’m so fat
They pick on me
–I’ll prove them wrong,
I’ll get thin.
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
Must stay top
Of every class
–Make them proud,
Make them pleased
That I’m around.
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
“Yes, I’m fine!”
Why do I snap?
Why do I shout?
Why do they ask
If I’m ok?
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
“Look, we’re worried…”
Like heck you are!
You just don’t want
Competition When I’m thin
And beautiful.
“Yes mum, I ate my lunch…”
Fingers crossed behind my back.
“Can I have an apple?
I’m darn starved!”
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry
…Fight the hunger
…Fight the hunger
…Fight the scales,
Fight the mirror.
Tell me when I’m beautiful…
Wake me when I’m thin…
My eyes are heavy,
My head is foggy;
I’m not hungry.
I’m not hungry.
Must be Thin

Starving herself,
Promising to be thin
Nothing else will do.
Just can't be anything
besides a size two.

Must be thin to be pretty.
Must be thin to find love.
Must be thin to have friends.
Must be thin to gain happiness.

Days pass, months pass.
Finally thin.
Watching others eat
only thinking, how fat they are.

Must be thin to be pretty
Must be thin to find love.
Must be thin to have friends.
Must be thin to gain happiness.

Years pass like days.
Starving herself, always.
Never good enough.
Even if death is the end.
As long as she is thin.

Must be thin to be pretty
Must be thin to find love.
Must be thin to have friends.
Must be thin to gain happiness.


O God! To be thin! To run to class with your friends and still have breath to laugh! To enjoy gym class! To be asked to join a group in gym, and not have to seek out the unlucky partner. To exchange the encouraging, pityng, pasted-on smiles for cheers of congratulation. To be whistled at in the street! To buy a bikini and wear it with pride! To fit into the beautiful dresses at the store. To think of love, of sex, of a family without despair!

Some complain of being stick-like, without breasts or hips. They have no idea. They take for granted the joy of having full control of your body, being able to run a mile without stopping, of feeling your powerful muscles working with each stride. the have never known the pain of a causal insult to their body. They do not say "I'll fight you for it" and hear in return "Be careful...she might sit on you." They are the blessed, the envied, the loved.... Slimness is my hunger, my desire, my despairing wail to the heavens. It is my dream and my pain.

Thin is strength. Thin is joy. Thin is beauty. Thin is power.
Hopelessly Thin
Sick little hopeless
girlSelf-esteam is dead
Surrender yourself
To someone else
Let her rule your life
She whispers inside your mind
Spins a web of lies
Secrets too big to hide
Susspition growns alive
You try to deny the obvious
You believe it yourself
But the bones tearing through your skin
Show everyone the light

I could walk on air!
Dance on tiptoe, it’d be lovely!
You’d pick me up and spin me around thinking nothing of it.
Admire my skeleton, dear.
I could drink lots of coffee.
Smoke lots of cigarettes.
Drink diet pepsi and eat grapefruit!
This is going to be fantastic!
I promise you.
But I will vomit.
I will starve.
I will hurt.
My teeth will fall out pretty collection.
My hair all over the floor--perhaps I can make a dress?Maybe I’ll be so tiny, I’ll just fall through your fingers.

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